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In-Ear Earphones, On-Ear Headphones, Over-Ear Headphones; Which is the right type for you?

In-Ear Earphones, On-Ear Headphones, Over-Ear Headphones; Which is the right type for you?

Ever wondered what is the similarity between a marathon run, a long bus journey home or a casual stroll in the park? Music. And with music, comes headphones which are an indispensable part of our lives. But even so, which type of headphones will suit any of the above mentioned scenarios? This is often not a simple choice. Should I use an in-ear or an over-ear? Wired or wireless? If you've always questioned yourself on this scenarios or choices, we have come out with a short explanation on the distinguished features of the 3 different types of headphones which would suit your journey.


In-Ear Earphones - Just You & Music

In-Ear Earphones are most often worn in the ear where their small and durable size makes them the ideal companion for every day. Due to the advancement of technology over the years, in-ear headphones can offer a particularly pure and rich sound image which is perfectly audible even at low volumes. The idea of a In-Ear Earphone was first introduced by French engineer, Ernest Mercadier back in 1891. Quoted directly from him " This is to improve telephone receivers, which shall be light enough to be carried while in use on the head of the operator."

Through the years, many technologists stepped up and improve both the design and efficiency; Such example includes the ability for the in-ear headphones to sit securely in the ear, even when you move quickly, and also easy to clean so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. 


On-ear headphones – Light with a Strong Bass

These type of headphones sit nicely on the ear without covering it completely. Due to the padded area surrounding the ear cups with a hint of sound absorption, it provides stability and comfortability for every occasion. With the advancement in Bluetooth technology, you can listen to music anytime and anywhere, wired or wireless. The idea of headphones were invented by Fundamentalist Mormon and Engineer, Nathaniel Baldwin on his kitchen table, in 1910. However, due to skeptical beliefs, these headphones were cut short after WWII. The first dynamic headphones meant for home-listening was invented by German hi-fi stalwarts, Bayerdynamics which paved the way for many more headphones of its kind to be created.


Over-ear headphones – Maximum Quality, Maximum Proficiency

These headphones sit completely on the ear and enclose it completely to provide an isolated experience for the user. With a rich sound and better external sound insulation, this ensures the users will be immersed in their music, or gaming experience. Over-ear headphones fall into two categories: open and closed. A mixed form is the half-open design. 

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